Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 0: Specials

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There are 137 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: Energized! Taking Star Trek: The Next Generation to the Next Level

This is an awesome look at how the entire restoration went, how the original film and audio elements were recovered in a monumental task of cataloguing. Berman talks about how he regretted not editing his show in an HD-ready format, but was excited when he found out they were remaking the entire show from scratch so they could do it. At first SD upconversion was used, but deemed totally unacceptable for this. If you want to see how something like this comes to pass then you really need to watch this. It's a fascinating look into how much work really went into this. Oh, and here's a little tidbit of information: the 13 seconds of lost footage in "Sins of the Father" that was released on the sampler disc, have since been found and will be included in that episode when its season comes out.

Episode 2: Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 1: Inception

Joins cast and crew as they give all-new interviews about what it was like trying to Gene Roddenberry on board for another 'Star Trek' television show. These are wonderfully candid interviews and don't feel promotional in the least. Instead it's the principle actors and producers looking back fondly on the show's illustrious run.

Episode 3: Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 2: Launch

Starts with Patrick Stewart discussing how he came to get the part and how Roddenberry convinced him to take the part over drinks. Here we get some original make-up and wardrobe footage also. Very in-depth information from everyone, including great behind-the-scenes footage of the crew getting ready to launch this new series. Along with the press conference footage that started it all.

Episode 4: Stardate Revisited: The Origin of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 3: The Continuing Mission

People like producer David Livingston, production designer Herman Zimmerman, illustrator Rick Sternback, and special effects make-up artist Doug Drexler talking about filming the show, how different it was being a strictly syndicated show versus being owned by a single network, and how they filmed the miniature shots.

Episode 5: Energized! Season 2 Tech Update

Episode 6: Reunification: 25 Years after Star Trek: The Next Generation

A cast reunion show with Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Wil Wheaton, and Michael Dorn all being interviewed on the same set.

Episode 7: Making It So: Continuing Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 1: Strange New Worlds

Part 1 of a two-part documentary included on the restored blu-ray releas3. Features archival footage from Entertainment Tonight, new and old interviews with cast and crew.

Episode 8: Making It So: Continuing Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 2: New Life, New Civilizations

Part 2 of a two-part documentary included with the restored blu-ray release. This features old and new interviews with the cast and crew as well as archival news footage.

Episode 9: Reading Rainbow Segment With LeVar Burton

Episode 10: Resistance Is Futile: Assimilating Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 1: Biological Distinctiveness

Episode 11: Resistance Is Futile: Assimilating Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 2: Technological Distinctiveness

Episode 12: Resistance Is Futile: Assimilating Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 3: The Collective

Episode 13: Regeneration: Engaging the Borg

A thirty-minute documentary that was originally shown in select theaters on April 25, 2013 along with the remastered feature-length version of TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds". The event was held to celebrate the April 30, 2013 Blu-ray release of "The Best of Both Worlds". The documentary examines the creation of the Borg and features interviews with Next Generation cast, producers, writers, visual effects staff, and makeup artists.

Episode 14: "The Most Toys" In Memoriam David Rappaport

Scenes from "The Most Toys" featuring David Rappaport, who was originally cast for the role of Kivas Fajo before the role was recast during production.

Episode 15: Inside The Writer's Room

Seth MacFarland moderates an informal discussion with Ronald D. Moore, Brandon Braga, René Echevarria and Naren Shankar.

Episode 16: A Tribute to Michael Piller

Michael Piller died in 2005. This retrospective features interviews with Michael's son and wife along with actors and producers of Star Trek: The Next Generation. They tell many stories of working with Michael including his creating of the first process for open script submission for Star Trek.

Episode 17: Relativity: The Family Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 1: Homecoming

Episode 18: Relativity: The Family Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 2: Posterity

Episode 19: Survive and Succeed: An Empire at War

A 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary that was included as part of the special features on the Redemption Blu-ray release.

Episode 20: In Conversation: The Star Trek Art Department

Episode 21: Requiem: A Remembrance of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 1: The Needs of the Many

Episode 22: Requiem: A Remembrance of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part 2: The Needs of the Few

Episode 23: From One Generation to the Next: The Making of Unification

For the special "From One Generation to the Next", specials directors Robert Meyer Burnett and Roger Lay, Jr. were not able to secure the cooperation of Spock actor Leonard Nimoy, so they approached the "cross-over" aspect of Star Trek: The Original Series into Star Trek: The Next Generation, from another angle by having interviewees discuss the earlier cross-over episode "Sarek" from the third season, whose main guest character, Sarek (played by the late Mark Lenard) also appeared at the start of "Unification I"

Episode 24: In Conversation: The Music of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode 25: Beyond The Five Year Mission: The Evolution of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part One: The Lithosphere

Episode 26: Beyond The Five Year Mission: The Evolution of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part Two: The Biosphere

Episode 27: Beyond The Five Year Mission: The Evolution of Star Trek: The Next Generation - Part Three: The Noosphere

Episode 28: The Privilege of Rank: Making "Chain of Command"

A 29-minute behind-the-scenes documentary that was included in the special features of the feature-length "Chain of Command" Blu-ray release.

Episode 29: The Sky's The Limit: The Eclipse of Star Trek TNG - Part 1: Umbra

Episode 30: The Sky's The Limit: The Eclipse of Star Trek TNG - Part 2: Penumbra

Episode 31: The Sky's The Limit: The Eclipse of Star Trek TNG - Part 3: Antumbra

Episode 32: The Unknown Possibilities of Existence: Making "All Good Things"

A 26-minute behind-the-scenes documentary that looks at the making of Star Trek: The Next Generation's two-hour series finale, "All Good Things...". It is included in the 2014 Blu-ray release of All Good Things.... It features recollections from episode writers Ronald D. Moore and Brannon Braga as well as executive producer Rick Berman along with key members of the show's cast and crew. The special also featured several interviews and stills from a 1994 special of Enertainment Tonight which brought the viewer behind the scenes of the series finale.

Episode 33: In Conversation: Lensing Star Trek: The Next Generation

David Livingstion (Supervising Producer), James Conway (Director), Jonathan West (Director of Photography), and Kris Krosskove (Camera Operator) talk about behind the camera of ST:TNG

Episode 34: Closed Set: A Tour of the Real Enterprise

Michael and Denise Okuda's home movie behind the scenes tour of the Enterprise set .

Episode 35: Journey's End: The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Join Jonathan Frakes, Next Generation's Commander Riker, for this fascinating chronicle of Gene Roddenberry's beloved, Emmy Award-winning series. You'll explore the Enterprise, meet the show's stars (and some villainous guest stars), learn special-effects secrets and makeup magic. Other highlights include a visit to a Star Trek convention, and a stop at the scoring stage. The retrospective concludes with a look at the series' final episode and a sneak peek at the crew's movie debut, Star Trek: Generations.

Episode 36: Archival Mission Log: Year One - The Beginning

This special features the early days on "Encounter at Farpoint" as well as several behind the scenes interviews with Gene Roddenberry, Robert Justman, Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Denise Crosby, Herman Zimmerman, Rick Berman, John de Lancie, Marina Sirtis, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, as well as ILM artists Pat Sweeney and David Carson. The ILM part originated from that company's own 1987 promotional short, ILM Special Visual Effects, Star Trek The Next Generation, and was not a studio production.

Episode 37: Archival Mission Log: Year One - Selected Crew Analysis

The cast members who appeared in Season 1 discuss their roles. The three parts "Casting", "Character Notes", and "Camaraderie" feature interviews with Rick Berman, Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, Wil Wheaton, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Denise Crosby, and John de Lancie.

Episode 38: Archival Mission Log: Year One - The Making of a Legend

The production staff and actors who worked on Season 1 reminisce about their favorite episodes. This special includes the parts "Visual Effects", "Artistic Design", "Make-Up", "VISOR", and "Music" and features interviews with Rick Berman, Patrick Stewart, Herman Zimmerman, Jonathan Frakes, Robert Justman, Peter Lauritson, Dan Curry, Michael Okuda, Rick Sternbach, Michael Westmore, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, and Jay Chattaway.

Episode 39: Archival Mission Log: Year One - Memorable Missions

Cast and crew discuss key episodes and the events of Season 1. This special features interviews with Rick Berman, Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Patrick Stewart, Dan Curry, Michael Westmore, Peter Lauritson, Armin Shimerman, Herman Zimmerman, Gene Roddenberry, and Denise Crosby.

Episode 40: Archival Mission Log: Year Two - Mission Overview

Cast and crew discuss the major changes in Season 2 of TNG, also includes interview segments with Gene Roddenberry.

Episode 41: Archival Mission Log: Year Two - Selected Crew Analysis

An in-depth look at the growth of continuing characters, plus a look at new crew members of the USS Enterprise-D.

Episode 42: Archival Mission Log: Year Two - Departmental Briefing: Production

A behind-the-scenes look at some of the specific key episodes, including interviews with the production staff.

Episode 43: Archival Mission Log: Year Two - Departmental Briefing: Memorable Missions

Discussions on Season 2 episodes with the production crew, including Rick Berman.

Episode 44: Archival Mission Log: Year Two - Inside Starfleet Archives: Penny Juday

An exclusive tour of an extraordinary array of Star Trek sets, props, and much more.

Episode 45: Archival Mission Log: Year Three - Mission Overview

Both old and new footage of cast and crew as they discuss the major changes that occurred in Season Three. It includes interviews with Peter Lauritson, Michael Piller, Rick Berman, Denise Crosby, Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Whoopi Goldberg, LeVar Burton, Dan Curry, and Eric Stillwell.

Episode 46: Archival Mission Log: Year Three - Selected Crew Analysis

An in-depth look at the growth of the continuing characters as well as a closer look at returning crew member Doctor Beverly Crusher, played by Gates McFadden. It features interviews with Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Ira Steven Behr, Michael Piller, and LeVar Burton.

Episode 47: Archival Mission Log: Year Three - Departmental Briefing: Production

A behind-the-scenes look at particular episodes from the third season, including interviews with Michael Piller, Eric Stillwell, Dan Curry, Michael Okuda, John de Lancie, Richard D. James, Greg Jein, Rick Sternbach, and Jay Chattaway.

Episode 48: Archival Mission Log: Year Three - Departmental Briefing: Memorable Missions

A collection of anecdotes about some of the Season 3 episodes with interviews of Patrick Stewart, Michael Westmore, Gerry Sackman, Michael Piller, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, and Ethan Phillips.

Episode 49: Archival Mission Log: Year Four - Mission Overview

Reveals the challenges in resolving the cliffhanger episode "The Best of Both Worlds"; provides a whimsical look at the Robin Hood-themed "Q-Pid"; and celebrates the historic 100th episode with Gene Roddenberry in the special "Celebrating 100 Episodes". This special features interviews with Michael Piller, Patrick Stewart, John de Lancie, Jonathan Frakes, Jennifer Hetrick, Marina Sirtis, and Wil Wheaton.

Episode 50: Archival Mission Log: Year Four - Selected Crew Analysis

An in-depth look at the departure of Wesley Crusher; cast members discuss their experiences performing stunts; and a profile of Jennifer Hetrick as "Vash". Part of this interview is included as an Easter Egg on the DS9 Season 1 DVD. Interviewees in "Crew Profile: Wesley Crusher", "Crew Profile: Counselor Troi", and "Profile: Vash" include Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, Jennifer Hetrick, and Jonathan Frakes.

Episode 51: Archival Mission Log: Year Four - Departmental Briefing: Production

A behind-the-scenes look at directors Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and David Livingston in the special "Production". Michael Westmore, Brent Spiner, Patrick Stewart, Mark Thompson, and Brian Phelps are interviewed for the special "Make Up".

Episode 52: Archival Mission Log: Year Four - New Life and New Civilizations

An inside look at creating the landscapes of alien planets and shooting on location. Also explains the challenges of shooting the effects-packed episode "The Best of Both Worlds". Interviewees include David Livingston, Peter Lauritson, Wil Wheaton, Michael Okuda, and Gary Hutzel.

Episode 53: Archival Mission Log: Year Four - Chronicles from the Final Frontier

A discussion of Season Four's most extraordinary episodes and characters with pre-eminent writers Ronald D. Moore, Brannon Braga, Michael Piller, and Jeri Taylor. Also interviewed for the subsections "Lt. Yar's Legacy Endures" and "Writing for Klingons" are Denise Crosby and David Livingston.

Episode 54: Archival Mission Log: Year Four - Select Historical Data

Episode 55: Archival Mission Log: Year Four - Inside The Star Trek Archives - "First Contact"

Episode 56: Archival Mission Log: Year Five - Mission Overview

Featuring highlights of the most memorable events occurring in Season 5, including Leonard Nimoy's guest appearance, "The Inner Light" episode and the return of Denise Crosby. "A Visit from Spock", "Darmok", "The Inner Light", and "I Borg" feature interviews with Patrick Stewart, Michael Okuda, Jonathan Frakes, Jeri Taylor, Michael Piller, Denise Crosby, David Livingston, Brent Spiner, and Jonathan Del Arco.

Episode 57: Archival Mission Log: Year Five - Departmental Briefing: Production

"Production", "Cause and Effect", "The First Duty", & "Music", feature interviews with Peter Lauritson, Patrick Stewart, Michael Westmore, Brannon Braga, Jonathan Frakes, Ronald D. Moore, Michael Piller, & Jay Chattaway

Episode 58: Archival Mission Log: Year Five - Departmental Briefing: Memorable Missions

Members of the cast and crew recall their favorite episodes and scenes from Season 5 including Marina Sirtis, Dan Curry, Michael Okuda, Robert Duncan McNeill, David Livingston, Dennis Madalone, Jay Chattaway, and Ronald D. Moore.

Episode 59: Archival Mission Log: Year Five - A Tribute to Gene Roddenberry

Includes interviews with Majel Barrett Roddenberry, The Next Generation cast and crew, and Gene Roddenberry; also includes the dedication of the Gene Roddenberry Building. The two sections "Gene Roddenberry Building Dedicated to Star Trek's Creator" and "Gene's Final Voyage" feature interviews with Guy Vardaman, Gene Roddenberry, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, William Shatner, Rick Berman, Herman Zimmerman, Whoopi Goldberg, Robert Legato, John de Lancie, Marina Sirtis, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, Michael Okuda, Wil Wheaton, Michael Dorn, Gates McFadden, Ronald D. Moore, and Jeri Taylor. At the end of the special, Patrick Stewart is performing a song for Gene Roddenberry.

Episode 60: Archival Mission Log: Year Five - Intergalactic Guest Stars

Episode 61: Archival Mission Log: Year Five - Alien Speak

Episode 62: Archival Mission Log: Year Five - Departmental Briefing: Visual Effects

Sections include: "Visual Effects", "Image G", & "Shooting Elements" Features Interviews (mostly in 2002) with Peter Lauritson, Robert Legato, Dan Curry, Mike Okuda, Gary Hutzel, and Dennis Hoerter

Episode 63: Archival Mission Log: Year Six - Mission Overview

Cast and crew comment on Patrick Stewart's acclaimed performance in "Chain of Command". They also discuss some other highlights of Season 6, including James Doohan's appearance in "Relics," the cliffhanger episode "Time's Arrow," the appearance of Stephen Hawking in "Descent" and the launch of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The parts are titled "Resolving the Cliffhanger", "A Visit from Scotty", "January 1993 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Debuts", "Chain of Command", and "Descent – Part 1 Featuring Stephen Hawking".

Episode 64: Archival Mission Log: Year Six - Bold New Directions

Explores Patrick Stewart's experience directing the episode "A Fistful of Datas" and LeVar Burton comments on his directorial debut, "Second Chances" in "A First Chance at Second Chances".

Episode 65: Archival Mission Log: Year Six - Departmental Briefing: Production

Ronald D. Moore discusses writing episodes for the sixth season, visual effects producer Dan Curry remembers the challenges of re-creating the Original Series Enterprise bridge for "Relics," and Michael Westmore and James Cromwell discuss make-up design. The parts are titled "Production", "Make Up", "Special Graphics Design", and "Writing". In the section "Profile: Dan Curry", the visual effects producer provides a fascinating tour of his home, containing unique props and weaponry that inspired many of the artistic designs for the series. The featurette also includes a demonstration of the Klingon bat'leth and Tai Chi moves he choreographed for The Next Generation. The featurette "Special Crew Profile: Lt. Cmdr. Data" gives an exclusive profile of Brent Spiner and his android character, Data, which also includes rare footage of Spiner recording Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back. This featurette is splitted into "Doubling Data", "An Android Sings", and "Acting with Spiner".

Episode 66: Archival Mission Log: Year Six - Departmental Briefing: Profile: Dan Curry

Ronald D. Moore discusses writing episodes for the sixth season, visual effects producer Dan Curry remembers the challenges of re-creating the Original Series Enterprise bridge for "Relics," and Michael Westmore and James Cromwell discuss make-up design. The parts are titled "Production", "Make Up", "Special Graphics Design", and "Writing". In the section "Profile: Dan Curry", the visual effects producer provides a fascinating tour of his home, containing unique props and weaponry that inspired many of the artistic designs for the series. The featurette also includes a demonstration of the Klingon bat'leth and Tai Chi moves he choreographed for The Next Generation. The featurette "Special Crew Profile: Lt. Cmdr. Data" gives an exclusive profile of Brent Spiner and his android character, Data, which also includes rare footage of Spiner recording Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back. This featurette is splitted into "Doubling Data", "An Android Sings", and "Acting with Spiner".

Episode 67: Archival Mission Log: Year Six - Departmental Briefing: Special Crew Profile: Lt. Cmdr. Data

Ronald D. Moore discusses writing episodes for the sixth season, visual effects producer Dan Curry remembers the challenges of re-creating the Original Series Enterprise bridge for "Relics," and Michael Westmore and James Cromwell discuss make-up design. The parts are titled "Production", "Make Up", "Special Graphics Design", and "Writing". In the section "Profile: Dan Curry", the visual effects producer provides a fascinating tour of his home, containing unique props and weaponry that inspired many of the artistic designs for the series. The featurette also includes a demonstration of the Klingon bat'leth and Tai Chi moves he choreographed for The Next Generation. The featurette "Special Crew Profile: Lt. Cmdr. Data" gives an exclusive profile of Brent Spiner and his android character, Data, which also includes rare footage of Spiner recording Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back. This featurette is splitted into "Doubling Data", "An Android Sings", and "Acting with Spiner".

Episode 68: Archival Mission Log: Year Six - Select Historical Data

Episode 69: Archival Mission Log: Year Six - Inside The Star Trek Archives: Sets & Props

Episode 70: Archival Mission Log: Year Seven - Mission Overview

Cast and crew discuss the final season and their transition to the feature film Star Trek Generations. Also, LeVar Burton reminisces about working with Ben Vereen in "Interface" and Wil Wheaton and Ronald D. Moore recall "Journey's End".

Episode 71: Archival Mission Log: Year Seven - A Captain's Tribute

Patrick Stewart pays tribute to each principal cast member.

Episode 72: Archival Mission Log: Year Seven - Departmental Briefing: Production

Gates McFadden discusses her directorial debut in "Genesis", Jonathan Frakes recalls directing "Attached", McFadden and Jeri Taylor delve into the roles of strong women and Patrick Stewart remembers becoming more physical in episodes like "Bloodlines".

Episode 73: Archival Mission Log: Year Seven - The Making of "All Good Things..."

Cast and crew recollect the making of the final episode, including footage from the location filming.

Episode 74: Archival Mission Log: Year Seven - Starfleet Moments and Memories

Cast and crew look back on seven years of creating The Next Generation.

Episode 75: Archival Mission Log: Year Seven - Special Profiles: Q

Episode 76: Archival Mission Log: Year Seven - Dressing the Future

Episode 77: Blu-Ray Season 1 Gag Reel

Episode 78: Blu-Ray Season 2 Gag Reel

Episode 79: Blu-Ray Season 3 Gag Reel

Episode 80: The Best of Both Worlds Gag Reel

Episode 81: Blu-Ray Season 4 Gag Reel

Episode 82: Blu-Ray Season 5 Gag Reel

Episode 83: Blu-Ray Season 6 Gag Reel

Episode 84: Blu-Ray Season 7 Gag Reel

Episode 85: S02E09 - The Measure of a Man (Extended Version)

Picard must prove Data is legally a sentient being with rights and freedoms under Federation law when transfer orders demand Data's reassignment for study and disassembly.

Episode 86: S02E09 - The Measure of a Man (Hybrid Extended Version)

Episode 87: Deleted Scenes: S02E14 - The Icarus Factor

Episode 88: Deleted Scenes: S02E18 - Up the Long Ladder

Episode 89: Deleted Scenes: S04E01 - The Best of Both Worlds, Part II

Episode 90: Deleted Scenes: S04E02 - Family

Episode 91: Deleted Scenes: S04E03 - Brothers

Episode 92: Deleted Scenes: S04E09 - Final Mission

Episode 93: Deleted Scenes: S04E12 - The Wounded

Episode 94: Deleted Scenes: S04E16 - Galaxy's Child

Episode 95: Deleted Scenes: S04E20 - Qpid

Episode 96: Deleted Scenes: S04E23 - The Host

Episode 97: Deleted Scenes: S05E07 - Unification (1)

Episode 98: Deleted Scenes: S05E10 - New Ground

Episode 99: Deleted Scenes: S05E16 - Ethics

Episode 100: Deleted Scenes: S05E17 - The Outcast

Episode 101: Deleted Scenes: S05E19 - The First Duty

Episode 102: Deleted Scenes: S05E20 - Cost of Living

Episode 103: Deleted Scenes: S05E21 - The Perfect Mate

Episode 104: Deleted Scenes: S05E25 - The Inner Light

Episode 105: Deleted Scenes: S06E01 - Time's Arrow (2)

Episode 106: Deleted Scenes: S06E04 - Relics

Episode 107: Deleted Scenes: S06E06 - True Q

Episode 108: Deleted Scenes: S06E10 - Chain of Command (1)

Episode 109: Deleted Scenes: S06E11 - Chain of Command (2)

Episode 110: Deleted Scenes: S06E12 - Ship in a Bottle

Episode 111: Deleted Scenes: S06E14 - Face of the Enemy

Episode 112: Deleted Scenes: S06E15 - Tapestry

Episode 113: Deleted Scenes: S06E17 - Birthright, Part II

Episode 114: Deleted Scenes: S06E20 - The Chase

Episode 115: Deleted Scenes: S06E23 - Rightful Heir

Episode 116: Deleted Scenes: S07E01 - Descent (2)

Episode 117: Deleted Scenes: S07E02 - Liaisons

Episode 118: Deleted Scenes: S07E04 - Gambit (1)

Episode 119: Deleted Scenes: S07E05 - Gambit (2)

Episode 120: Deleted Scenes: S07E07 - Dark Page

Episode 121: Deleted Scenes: S07E10 - Inheritance

Episode 122: Deleted Scenes: S07E11 - Parallels

Episode 123: Deleted Scenes: S07E14 - Sub Rosa

Episode 124: Deleted Scenes: S07E16 - Thine Own Self

Episode 125: Deleted Scenes: S07E17 - Masks

Episode 126: Deleted Scenes: S07E19 - Genesis

Episode 127: Deleted Scenes: S07E20 - Journey's End

Episode 128: Deleted Scenes: S07E21 - Firstborn

Episode 129: Deleted Scenes: S07E22 - Bloodlines

Episode 130: Deleted Scenes: S07E24 - Preemptive Strike

Episode 131: Deleted Scenes: S07E25-E26 - All Good Things...

Episode 132: The Next Generation's Impact: 20 Years Later

With John de Lancie

Episode 133: The Next Generation's Legacy: 2007

Wil Wheaton discusses the legacy of The Next Generation with scientists and technologists influenced by the series.

Episode 134: Star Trek Day 2020: Picard & The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation's Sir Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Wil Wheaton reunite to reminisce about TNG and discuss the cultural and personal significance of Star Trek. They also discuss reuniting for Star Trek: Picard.

Episode 135: Reading Rainbow Itunes Promo

Episode 136: The Trek Not Taken: First Steps into the Digital Frontier

A documentary detailing the filming usages of the studio models for the first three seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as the possible use of the earliest CGI applications for some of its visual effects (VFX) elements for its first season, which however, never came to fruition.

Episode 137: Brent Spiner Original Costume and Makeup Test

Brent Spiner performs William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice

Season 1: Season 1

Season 1 poster

Picking up decades after the original Star Trek series, season one begins the intergalactic adventures of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and his loyal crew aboard the all-new USS Enterprise NCC-1701D, as they explore new worlds.

There are 25 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: Encounter at Farpoint

Stardate: 41153.7. The new commander of the recently built U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC1701-D), Captain Jean- Luc Picard takes the crew on their first mission to discover the secret of Farpoint Station. During their journey, they encounter an omnipotent being known as Q. Q accuses humanity of barbarism, and places humanity on trial. Jean-Luc must prove otherwise or the human race will be annihilated.

Episode 2: The Naked Now

Stardate: 41209.2. The crew of the Enterprise are infected with a virus contracted by the away team while they were investigating the mysterious deaths of the entire crew of the Starship Tsilkovsky.

Episode 3: Code of Honor

Stardate: 41235.25. Tasha Yar must fight for her life and a vaccine to save a race of people when she is kidnapped and forced to battle with her abductor's wife.

Episode 4: The Last Outpost

Stardate: 41386.4. A powerful entity disables the Enterprise and a Ferengi ship. Their only means of escape is if they can correctly answer the riddles he asks.

Episode 5: Where No One Has Gone Before

Stardate: 41263.1. The Enterprise is flung across space into a distant galaxy billions of light years away when a propulsion engineer and his mysterious companion, attempt to re-design the ship's engine systems.

Episode 6: Lonely Among Us

Stardate: 41249.3. Picard's mind is taken over by an energy field that the Enterprise passes through.

Episode 7: Justice

Stardate: 41255.6. Picard is forced to choose between friendship and the Prime Directive when Wesley Crusher is sentenced to death for accidentally breaking the law on Rubicon III.

Episode 8: The Battle

Stardate: 41723.9. The Ferengi hand over an old ship which Picard once captained, the U.S.S. Stargazer. The Ferengi have installed a mind altering device that alters Picard's mind to make him think that he is reliving a past battle, and the target is the Enterprise.

Episode 9: Hide and Q

Stardate: 41590.5. Q places the senior crew of the Enterprise in a war game that pits them against a boar-faced, Napoleonic enemy.

Episode 10: Haven

Stardate: 41294.6. The mother of Deanna Troi, Lwaxana, pays a surprise visit to the Enterprise and announces the prearranged marriage of Deanna to the son of her mother's late husband's best friend.

Episode 11: The Big Goodbye

Stardate: 41997.7. Picard, Dr. Crusher and Data are placed in great danger when the holodeck malfunctions while they are running a Dixon Hill program, which pits them against 1940's mobsters.

Episode 12: Datalore

Stardate: 41242.4. While exploring his homeworld, the crew of the Enterprise find android parts that are identical to Data's. When assembled, an 'evil' twin of Data named Lore is revived.

Episode 13: Angel One

Stardate: 41636.9. The Enterprise discovers the male crew of a crashed Federation freighter are hiding as fugitives on the planet Angel One, which is dominated and ruled by women.

Episode 14: 11001001

Stardate: 41365.9. While undergoing repairs, the Bynar Engineers steal the Enterprise to save their planet from destruction.

Episode 15: Too Short a Season

Stardate: 41309.5. The aging and terminally ill Starfleet Admiral Mark Jameson, who is negotiating the release of hostages, suddenly begins growing younger through an unexplained phenomenon.

Episode 16: When the Bough Breaks

Stardate: 41509.1. The children of the Enterprise, including Wesley Crusher, are abducted by a race of sterile people who are unable to have children of their own.

Episode 17: Home Soil

Stardate: 41463.9. The members of an away team investigating the death of an engineer encounter vengeful microscopic life forms.

Episode 18: Coming of Age

Stardate: 41416.2. While Wesley takes the entrance exam to Starfleet Academy, the Enterprise is investigated by the Inspector General's office and Picard's competency is questioned.

Episode 19: Heart of Glory

Stardate: 41503.7. Two Klingons, rescued by the Enterprise, try to take over the ship.

Episode 20: The Arsenal of Freedom

Stardate: 41798.2. The crew encounters bizarre phenomena while searching for the missing U.S.S. Drake.

Episode 21: Symbiosis

Stardate: Unknown. Picard attempts to break an ancient co-dependency between two species on one planet without violating the Prime Directive.

Episode 22: Skin of Evil

Stardate: 41601.3. When Troi's shuttle crashes on an alien planet, a new being is discovered: an entity that thrives on the suffering of others.

Episode 23: We'll Always Have Paris

Stardate: 41697.9. Picard meets an old flame, whose husband has created a haywire dimensional experiment.

Episode 24: Conspiracy

Stardate: 41775.5. The strange behavior of high-ranking officers leads Picard to uncover a twisted alien conspiracy within Starfleet.

Episode 25: The Neutral Zone

Stardate: 41986.0. A derelict satellite is found with cryonically frozen humans aboard as the USS Enterprise is sent to investigate the destruction of outposts near Romulan space.

Season 2: Season 2

Season 2 poster

In season two, the Enterprise continues on its journey across the galaxy with the birth of a new member. Picard once again leads the team as unknown civilizations take notice of the ship and wishes to know more about the crew and their operations. Riker struggles with his loyalty to the Enterprise as his life is threatened and Data tries to become more human to understand his role upon the Enterprise. This season looks closer into the relationship of man vs. machine as Q once again tries to test Picard against a new enemy. The Ferengi threatens the Enterprise and the mystery of the holodeck pits the crew against the clock as lives hang in the balance.

There are 22 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: The Child

Stardate: 42073.1. Troi undergoes a mysterious pregnancy when the Enterprise tries to escape from a system that has recently fallen victim to a deadly plague.

Episode 2: Where Silence Has Lease

Stardate: 42193.6. A mysterious life form known as the 'Nagilum' threatens the life of the crew in his attempt to understand humanity.

Episode 3: Elementary, Dear Data

Stardate: 42286.3. Data and Geordi become involved with a holodeck program about Sherlock Holmes and his investigations, when they create Sherlock's arch nemesis, Moriarty; however, modifications to the Moriarty character include the capability of out-smarting Data, which leads to some unexpected consequences.

Episode 4: The Outrageous Okona

Stardate: 42402.7. The Enterprise is placed in a compromising situation when the captain of a disabled starship places the crew in the middle of a love triangle.

Episode 5: Loud as a Whisper

Stardate: 42477.2. A deaf-mute mediator meets with disaster while being escorted by the Enterprise.

Episode 6: The Schizoid Man

Stardate: 42437.5. Data is possessed by the consciousness of a brilliant scientist. However, it has a disturbing impact on Data's personality.

Episode 7: Unnatural Selection

Stardate: 42494.8. A mysterious hyper-ageing sickness kills the crew of a Federation cargo ship, and Dr. Pulaski must race against time to find a cure.

Episode 8: A Matter of Honor

Commander Riker participates in an officer's exchange program which lands him an assignment on a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. Meanwhile, a Bezite ensign has trouble assimilating to the routines of the Enterprise.

Episode 9: The Measure of a Man

Stardate: 42523.7. When Data's rights as a sentient individual are placed under trial, Starfleet forces Riker into a position where he must prove that Data is only an Android.

Episode 10: The Dauphin

Stardate: 42568.8. Wesley falls in love with a passenger the Enterprise is escorting, who has the secret ability to shape-shift.

Episode 11: Contagion

Stardate: 42609.1. A strange power source disables the Enterprise's computer systems, damages Data's programming and leaves the ship and crew vulnerable to a Romulan attack.

Episode 12: The Royale

Stardate: 42625.4. An away team is trapped in an alien environment based around a novel entitled 'The Hotel Royale.'

Episode 13: Time Squared

Stardate: 42679.2. Picard encounters his double from six hours in the future, whose Enterprise had been destroyed.

Episode 14: The Icarus Factor

Stardate: 42686.4. Riker is promoted to Captain of another Federation ship. Worf must confront his past and his Klingon heritage.

Episode 15: Pen Pals

Stardate: 42695.3. Wesley must investigate the causes of strange tectonic activity on the planet where Data's pen pal lives.

Episode 16: Q Who

Stardate: 42761.3. Q hurls the Enterprise into the Delta Quadrant and introduces the Federation to a powerful new enemy that may destroy the Alpha Quadrant: The Borg.

Episode 17: Samaritan Snare

Stardate: 42779.1. A race known as the Pakleds kidnap Geordi La Forge. Picard must face surgery when he is left in a near-dead state.

Episode 18: Up the Long Ladder

Stardate: 42823.2. Picard must convince two dying civilizations that they must co-exist on the same planet to survive, however, they have other plans to ensure their survival: in the form of clones of the Enterprise crew.

Episode 19: Manhunt

Stardate: 42859.2. While being escorted to a Federation conference by the Enterprise, Lwaxana hunts for a man to satisfy her needs when her sex-drive is quadrupled during a natural mid-life cycle.

Episode 20: The Emissary

Stardate: 42901.3. Worf is re-united with his former lover, K'Ehleyr, while the Enterprise is ordered to intercept a Klingon ship whose crew has been in stasis for a century.

Episode 21: Peak Performance

Stardate: 42923.4. Trouble begins when a Ferengi warship stumbles over a war simulation between Riker and Picard, each on different ships, and begins attacking them.

Episode 22: Shades of Gray

Stardate: 42976.1. Riker is infected with an alien organism that takes over his mind. Dr. Pulaski must force Riker's mind back to a state where it can access primitive survival skills.

Season 3: Season 3

Season 3 poster

With the disappearance of a Federation colony, the Enterprise warp speeds to action to uncover if the reason was political or something much more sinister. Along their travels, the crew must escort a scientist who may hold the key to a malfunction that places the crew in danger. Prime Directives are broken as Picard is taken for a god on a primitive world. The Romulans continue to notice Federation intrusion into the Neutral Zone and threatens war against the Enterprise. Things become much more complex as an old enemy stops by and Picard must decide if he should offer solace or choose to remain enemies as a precaution. All leading up to finally answering the motives of Starfleet and the Federation as the Enterprise continues on its mission to explore the galaxy.

There are 26 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: Evolution

Stardate: 43125.8. A system-wide computer malfunction places the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in grave danger while they are escorting a scientist to a star in the process of exploding.

Episode 2: The Ensigns of Command

Stardate: 43133.3. A human colony is forced to evacuate a planet when the original inhabitants return and threaten the colonists with annihilation if they do not leave within four days.

Episode 3: The Survivors

Stardate: 43152.4. The Enterprise discovers a planet that has had all life eradicated, except for two mysterious residents and their home, which has been left in perfect condition.

Episode 4: Who Watches the Watchers

Stardate: 43173.5. An away team inadvertently breaks the Prime Directive and reveal themselves to a primitive culture on Mintaka III, causing the inhabitants believe that Captain Picard is a God.

Episode 5: The Bonding

Worf and Wesley must help a 12 year old boy cope with the death of his mother; an archaeologist killed during an away mission to a deserted planet.

Episode 6: Booby Trap

Stardate: 43205.6. While investigating an ancient ship left adrift in space, the Enterprise accidentally trips the ancient booby trap that disabled the old vessel over 1000 years ago.

Episode 7: The Enemy

Stardate:43349.2. A blind Geordie is trapped on a hazardous planet with a paranoid and severely injured Romulan. In orbit, a Romulan Warbird is preventing the Enterprise from attempting a rescue mission.

Episode 8: The Price

Stardate: 43385.6. The Enterprise hosts the negotiations for the rights to a newly discovered, stable wormhole to the Delta Quadrant. One of the negotiators, Devinoni Ral, becomes attracted to Deanna Troi, but he holds a dubious secret.

Episode 9: The Vengeance Factor

Stardate: 43421.9. The Enterprise crew tries to mend the relationship between a race known as the Acamarians and a faction known as the Gatherers.

Episode 10: The Defector

Stardate: 43462.5. A defecting Romulan warns the Federation about an impending attack by the Romulans, who are secretly establishing bases within the Neutral Zone.

Episode 11: The Hunted

Stardate: 43489.2. A potentially new member of the Federation enlists the help of the Enterprise to track down a wanted criminal who has a reputation for his excessive violence. However, the fugitive's actions may not be of his own will.

Episode 12: The High Ground

Stardate: 43510.7. Dr. Crusher is abducted by a group of terrorists while delivering crucial medical supplies to a planet ravaged by civil war.

Episode 13: Déjà Q

Stardate: 43539.1. A Calamarian starts attacking the Enterprise while seeking revenge on a powerless Q.

Episode 14: A Matter of Perspective

Stardate: 43610.4. Riker is accused of murder when a scientist is killed in an explosion. Picard must recreate the recent events in the holodeck to prove his commander's innocence.

Episode 15: Yesterday's Enterprise

Stardate: 43625.2. A rift in the space/time continuum brings the U.S.S. Enterprise - C forward into the 24th Century, and alters the timeline. In this future, the Federation is at war with the Klingons, Tasha Yar is on the bridge, Worf did not join the Federation, and only Guinan's unique perception of reality may restore the timeline.

Episode 16: The Offspring

Stardate: 43657.0. Data becomes a father when he creates a Soong-type android in the form of a daughter named Lal. Issues are complicated when Lal starts showing signs of a more evolved consciousness, including the ability to feel emotions, which attracts the attention of Starfleet scientists who want to take her away from Data and examine her advanced systems.

Episode 17: Sins of the Father

Stardate: 43685.2. Worf is reunited with his long-lost brother when their father is charged with treason for helping the Romulans. Together they make an appeal to the Klingon High Council to challenge the charges, and have them revoked.

Episode 18: Allegiance

Stardate: 43714.1. Picard is secretly abducted and switched with an alien double. The crews' suspicions are raised when he starts exhibiting unusual behaviour, and is relieved of command.

Episode 19: Captain's Holiday

Stardate: 43745.2. While on vacation on Risa, Captain Picard encounters two Vorgons from the 27th Century who claim they are searching for a powerful weapon hidden somewhere on the planet.

Episode 20: Tin Man

Stardate: 43779.3. The Enterprise encounters a 'living' ship in the Neutral Zone, and risks breaking the Romulan Federation alliance in order to bring it into contact with a Betazoid emissary.

Episode 21: Hollow Pursuits

Stardate: 43807.4. A nervous and insecure officer, Lt. Reginald Barclay, places the Enterprise in great danger when he neglects his duties in Engineering, and instead spends his time acting out his fantasies on the holodeck.

Episode 22: The Most Toys

Stardate: 43872.2. The crew are shattered by the apparent death of Data in a shuttle explosion, and are prevented from carrying out a detailed investigation when Starfleet gives them orders for a new mission elsewhere. However, the crew don't realize that he was actually abducted and placed on display as part of a collection of rare and valuable items held by a disreputable character.

Episode 23: Sarek

Stardate: 43917.4. Spock's Vulcan father, Sarek, boards the Enterprise to negotiate political relations with the Legaran. However, Sarek has contract Bendii syndrome, which causes a Vulcan to gradually lose control, and become overpowered with emotions.

Episode 24: Ménage à Troi

Stardate: 43930.7. Riker and Deanna, both on shoreleave, are unexpectedly joined by Deanna's mother, Lwaxana, on Betazed. Shortly, all three are kidnapped by the Ferengi who want to study Lwaxana's telepathic abilities.

Episode 25: Transfigurations

Stardate: 43957.2. Dr. Crusher becomes attracted to an injured alien with mysterious powers, who is being tracked down by his government like a wanted criminal.

Episode 26: The Best of Both Worlds (1)

Stardate: 43989.1 An Starfleet expert on the Borg, Lt. Cmdr. Shelby, is assigned to the Enterprise to investigate the disappearance of a Federation colony. Picard is abducted by the Borg and assimilated into the Collective, which forces Riker to attempt a rescue mission.

Season 4: Season 4

Season 4 poster

As Riker tries to save the Enterprise and the Earth from a powerful alien race, Captain Picard's life hangs in the balance. The crew faces their own demons and must overcome their own obstacles to continue their mission. This leads Data to return to his creator to better understand emotions. Worf must accept his Klingon heritage and face his former family. A power struggle threatens the Federation as the Romulans try to make peace with their universe and the Klingons deal with a potential successor to their empire. Political relations are strained within the Enterprise as a rogue ship attacks former enemies of the Federation, ultimately leading up to a civil war where one member of the Enterprise must decide where his loyalty lies.

There are 26 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: The Best of Both Worlds (2)

Stardate: 44001.4. Riker must pull out all the stops in order to save Earth from a Borg invasion being lead by none other than Locutus - otherwise known as Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Episode 2: Family

Stardate 44012.3. Picard meets with his older brother in France, and contemplates resigning his Starfleet commission after his ordeal with the Borg. Worf's adoptive parents spend time with their son on the Enterprise, and succeed in embarrassing him in front of his crewmates.

Episode 3: Brothers

Stardate: 44085.7 While escorting a seriously ill boy to the closest Federation Starbase for treatment, Data mysteriously takes control of the Enterprise and takes it to a distant planet. He learns that his creator has summoned him for an important meeting that could change his life. However, Dr. Soong unknowingly summoned Data's twin brother Lore, into the bargain.

Episode 4: Suddenly Human

Stardate: 44143.7. A custody battle between Picard and a child's adoptive father arises when a boy showing evidence of abuse is discovered.

Episode 5: Remember Me

Stardate: 44161.2. Dr. Crusher begins to question her sanity when members of the crew start disappearing one by one, and all evidence of their existence is erased.

Episode 6: Legacy

Stardate: 44215.2. The Enterprise is caught in the middle of a civil war when they encounter Tasha Yar's long-lost younger sister, Ishara.

Episode 7: Reunion

Stardate: 44246.3. Picard is asked to choose between two candidates to succeed the current Chancellor of the Klingon High Council as the new ruler of the Empire. Worf is disturbed by unexpected news when he is paid a visit by his former lover.

Episode 8: Future Imperfect

Stardate: 44286.5. Riker awakens one morning to discover he is suddenly 16 years in the future as the captain of the Enterprise, and negotiating a peace treaty with the Romulans with no recollection of how he arrived at that point in time, or of any recent events.

Episode 9: Final Mission

Stardate: 44307.3. Wesley must keep Captain Picard alive on the eve of his entrance exam to Starfleet Academy when their shuttle crashes on a barren moon.

Episode 10: The Loss

Stardate: 44356.9. Troi loses her empathic abilities when the Enterprise is caught in the gravitational pull of a black hole.

Episode 11: Data's Day

Stardate: 44356.9. A Vulcan Ambassador being escorted by the Enterprise starts exhibiting suspicious behavior. Miles O'Brien marries his fiancée, Keiko Ishikawa in Ten-Forward.

Episode 12: The Wounded

Stardate: 44429.6. When the Cardassians start re-arming themselves, a Federation Captain takes it upon himself to remove a potential threat before it escalated. Now, Picard must fight for the Cardassians and stop the renegade from slaughtering innocents.

Episode 13: Devil's Due

Stardate: 44474.5. The crew of the Enterprise must defend the planet Ventax from a mythological Devil who re-appears when a 1000 year long era of peace comes to an end.

Episode 14: Clues

Stardate: 44502.7. Picard orders a secret investigation when the crew suspects Data of lying about the discovery of a wormhole.

Episode 15: First Contact

Riker is abducted by a xenophobic race of aliens during a first contact mission. They believe the Enterprise is a scout for an invasion.

Episode 16: Galaxy's Child

Stardate: 44614.6. Geordi must work with the real Leah Brahms when she arrives on the Enterprise when a space-borne alien life form thinks the ship is its mother. Tensions rise when she learns that Geordi created a holographic version of her several months before in order to save the ship from danger.

Episode 17: Night Terrors

Stardate: 44631.2. Troi faces a recurring nightmare when the Enterprise is caught in a rift in space. Soon, the crew begins to slip into insanity through dream deprivation.

Episode 18: Identity Crisis

Stardate: 44664.5. Geordi and a former crew mate begin evolving into bizarre creatures when they return to a planet both of them were on during an Away Mission five years earlier.

Episode 19: The Nth Degree

Stardate: 44704.2. An alien probe transforms Barclay from a shy, awkward character into an arrogant super-genius who is able to interface with the Enterprise's computer through the holodeck.

Episode 20: Qpid

Stardate:44741.9. Q places Vash and the senior Enterprise crew in a recreation of Robin Hood and his merry men.

Episode 21: The Drumhead

Stardate: 44769.2. Picard is accused of treason when an explosion aboard the Enterprise is investigated by a ruthless and paranoid Starfleet Admiral.

Episode 22: Half a Life

Stardate: 44805.3. Lwaxana Troi falls in love with a man who must return home to commit suicide, as is customary for their race when they reach a certain age.

Episode 23: The Host

Startdate: 44821.3. Dr. Crusher falls in love with a Trill Ambassador, until she discovers the Trill's symbiotic relationship.

Episode 24: The Mind's Eye

Stardate: 44885.5. While en route to Risa for shore leave, Geordi is abducted by the Romulans and brainwashed into becoming an assassin.

Episode 25: In Theory

Stardate: 44932.3. Data experiences the complexities of love when a fellow crewmate becomes attracted to him.

Episode 26: Redemption (1)

Stardate: 44995.3. Worf must choose between his people and the Federation when a civil war threatens to destroy the Klingon Empire.

Season 5: Season 5

Season 5 poster

In season five, Starfleet becomes involved in a vast conspiracy amidst a Klingon civil war which forces the Enterprise to become an unwilling pawn against the Romulans as Starfleet's motives are unknown. This leads Picard and Data to undertake a journey to seek out a mysterious member who is trying to make peace between the Romulans and the Vulcans. Meanwhile, a visitor from the future arrives on the Enterprise as Wolf struggles with his own handicap. The crew becomes even more conflicted as an injured enemy arrives. Peace is seen on the horizon but at what cost?

There are 26 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: Redemption (2)

Stardate: 45020.4. Picard suspects a Romulan influence in the recent Klingon civil war, and must force the Federation to intervene before the Empire collapses.

Episode 2: Darmok

Stardate: 45047.2. Picard must find a way to communicate with the newly discovered Tamarians, who speak entirely in metaphors, when a Tamarian Captain is brutally killed.

Episode 3: Ensign Ro

Stardate: 45076.3. Picard exposes a planned genocidal attack on the Bajorans with the help of a new officer, Ensign Ro Laren.

Episode 4: Silicon Avatar

Stardate: 45122.3. Picard attempts communications with the Crystalline Entity - a life form responsible for hundreds of deaths throughout the Alpha Quadrant. However, a scientist on board the Enterprise has plans of revenge over the death of her only son at the hands of the Entity.

Episode 5: Disaster

Stardate: 45156.1. A natural disaster leaves Troi in command of the Enterprise, Picard stuck in a turbo lift with three small children and Keiko O'Brien stuck in Ten-Forward giving birth with an anxious Worf.

Episode 6: The Game

Stardate: 45208.2. An addictive game is distributed among the crew of the Enterprise, however, it appears that this game interferes with a person's logic and reason, which leaves the crew open to manipulation. Only a young Ensign and a vacationing Wesley Crusher are able to think for themselves, and must find a way to reverse the damage before the ship falls into the wrong hands.

Episode 7: Unification (1)

Stardate: 45233.1. Ambassador Spock has disappeared and intelligence finds him on Romulus. Captain Picard is sent to Romulus to find Spock. Meanwhile Riker and the rest of the crew investigate the fragments of a Vulcan ship discovered in the wreck of a Ferengi vessel.

Episode 8: Unification (2)

Stardate: 45245.8. Picard and Data find Spock and discover the reason behind the secret meetings. However, a darker scheme planned by the Romulans is also uncovered in the process.

Episode 9: A Matter of Time

Stardate: 45349.1. While on a mission to help a planet recently struck by an asteroid, the Enterprise is payed a visit by a man who claims to be from the future.

Episode 10: New Ground

Stardate: 45376.3. Worf's son, Alexander, unexpectedly arrives on the Enterprise to stay with his father. However, Alexander wants to stay permanently.

Episode 11: Hero Worship

Stardate: 45397.3. The Enterprise investigates the cause of an explosion which destroyed a small ship and its entire crew, except for a small boy.

Episode 12: Violations

Stardate: 45429.3. While escorting a group of telepaths, crew members on board the Enterprise suddenly start to slip into comas.

Episode 13: The Masterpiece Society

Stardate: 45470.1. A natural disaster in the core of a system's sun threatens to destroy a colony of genetically engineered people on an otherwise desolate planet. However, the crew's intervention may cause more harm than good.

Episode 14: Conundrum

Stardate: 45494.2. The Enterprise crew unknowingly receives a new first officer who claims that the Federation is at war with another species.

Episode 15: Power Play

Stardate: 45571.2. While en route to the source of a subspace distress signal coming from a desolate moon, Data, Troi and O'Brien take over the bridge and force the ship to change course.

Episode 16: Ethics

Stardate: 45587.3. When Worf is paralysed in an accident he must undergo drastic back surgery. However, this experimental technique may cost him his life.

Episode 17: The Outcast

Stardate: 45614.6. While investigating the disappearance of a J'naii shuttlecraft, the crew finds reason to believe the missing ship is stranded in an abnormal pocket called "null space." Riker and Soren, a member of the J'naii race, begin preparing to rescue the craft, and the two strike up a friendship. Their relationship develops quickly as the pair question each other about mating habits, since the J'naii are androgynous and do not identify themselves as either male or female. Despite this difference, sparks begin to fly between them.

Episode 18: Cause and Effect

Stardate: 45652.1. While exploring the Typhon Expanse, the Enterprise is caught in a time warp in which they are repeatedly destroyed while colliding with another starship.

Episode 19: The First Duty

Stardate: 45703.9. Wesley is involved in a cover-up at Starfleet Academy when a cadet is killed and five shuttles are destroyed during a forbidden maneuver performed by Starfleet Academy's best cadets.

Episode 20: Cost of Living

Stardate: 45733.6. Deanna's mother pays a surprise visit to the Enterprise with even more surprising news: she plans to marry a man she has never met. After destroying an asteroid, the ship becomes infected with parasites that eat away at the ship's hull.

Episode 21: The Perfect Mate

Stardate: 45761.3. The Ferengi try to abduct an empathic Metamorph who could bring peace between two warring worlds.

Episode 22: Imaginary Friend

Stardate: 45832.1. While exploring a strange form of energy in a region of space, a little girl's imaginary friend becomes real and places the Enterprise in great danger.

Episode 23: I, Borg

Stardate: 45854.2. An injured Borg is discovered and brought back to the Enterprise where he is 'repaired' by Dr. Crusher and befriended by Geordi, who names him 'Hugh.' Soon, Hugh starts showing signs of individuality while Picard must choose between destroying him or returning him to the collective.

Episode 24: The Next Phase

Stardate: 45092.4. While the Enterprise helps a Romulan science vessel, an accident occurs which forces Geordi LaForge and Ro Laren slightly out of 'phase', causing them to become undetectable to everyone but each other. As a result, the crew thinks they are dead and make arrangements for their funerals, even though they are closer than the crew realise.

Episode 25: The Inner Light

Stardate: 45944.1. Picard awakes to find himself living in a small village where he is a well-known member of the community who is suffering from a delusion of being a starship captain.

Episode 26: Time's Arrow (1)

Stardate: 45959.1. Data's head is uncovered in an archaeological dig on Earth, where evidence is also found that aliens may have been on Earth as early as the 19th Century. Using modified technology, an away team follows Data into the late 1890s to investigate.

Season 6: Season 6

Season 6 poster

In season six, the crew is faced with a familiar face from the past who insists that machines cannot replace human experience. This causes conflict in Data who questions his affiliation with the Enterprise vs. joining a powerful enemy in order to feel his first emotion. Worf begins a quest to find his father as a means to finally accept his Klingon heritage and to restore honor upon his family. As the journey continues through the galaxy, Picard is kidnapped by a rebel alien command and Riker takes on the role of Captain to free Picard and restore the Enterprise. To Riker’s surprise, an old enemy returns and offers assistance with Picard’s rescue. All finishing with the Enterprise facing its most shocking surprise.

There are 26 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: Time's Arrow (2)

Stardate: 46001.3. The away team's investigations are hampered by a nosy Samuel Clemens. Picard discovers that he originally met Guinan in the 1890s on Earth.

Episode 2: Realm of Fear

Stardate: 46041.1. Lt. Barclay's fear of using transporters is eerily justified when he sees bizarre aliens within the transporter beam.

Episode 3: Man of the People

Stardate: 46071.6. Deanna becomes attracted to an alien ambassador. Shortly thereafter, she starts ageing rapidly and starts becoming violent.

Episode 4: Relics

Stardate: 46125.3. Montgomery 'Scotty' Scott is discovered suspended in a transporter beam 75 years after he disappeared. After the Enterprise crew re-materialise him, he has a hard time adjusting to the new society.

Episode 5: Schisms

Stardate: 46154.2. Members of the crew are secretly abducted from the Enterprise to be used in bizarre experiments where they are dismembered and re-assembled without anyone's knowledge - including their own. The only signs that anything is wrong is a strange form of tiredness and no recollection of having slept well the night before.

Episode 6: True Q

Stardate: 46192.3. A young intern visiting the Enterprise captures the interest of Q when she starts displaying Q-like powers.

Episode 7: Rascals

Stardate: 46235.7. A transporter accident transforms Picard, Ro Laren, Guinan and Keiko O'Brien into small children who appear to be about 12 years old. Matters are complicated when the Ferengi seize the Enterprise.

Episode 8: A Fistful of Datas

Stardate: 46271.5. Worf and his son, Alexander, become trapped in the holodeck when their Wild West program malfunctions. However, they must find a way to defeat the holographic bandits who have Data's appearance and abilities.

Episode 9: The Quality of Life

Stardate: 46315.2. Data discovers that the maintenance robots built by Dr. Farallon may have become sentient.

Episode 10: Chain of Command (1)

Stardate: 46357.4. Picard resigns as Captain of the Enterprise to lead a top-secret espionage mission into Cardassia with Worf and Dr. Crusher.

Episode 11: Chain of Command (2)

Stardate: 46360.8. Picard is captured and tortured by the Cardassians, while Riker tries to prevent a Federation attack on Cardassia.

Episode 12: Ship in a Bottle

Stardate: 46424.1. While performing holodeck maintenance, Barclay accesses the stored hologram of Professor Moriarty, who wreaks havoc on board the Enterprise.

Episode 13: Aquiel

Stardate: 46461.3. Geordie falls in love with a lieutenant who is the prime suspect in a murder case.

Episode 14: Face of the Enemy

Stardate: 46519.1. Troi is abducted and surgically altered by the Romulans as part of a ploy to smuggle intelligence operatives into the Federation.

Episode 15: Tapestry

Stardate: Unknown. A mortally wounded Picard is forced into re-living a time of his life when he was back in Starfleet Academy, with the intervention of Q.

Episode 16: Birthright (1)

Stardate: 46578.4. While visiting Deep Space Nine, Worf learns that his father is still alive and being held captive in a secret Romulan prison camp.

Episode 17: Birthright (2)

Stardate: 46759.2. Worf is captured by the Romulans where he learns why the other captives did not attempt an escape years before.

Episode 18: Starship Mine

Stardate: 46682.4. The crew evacuates the Enterprise when the ship needs to be cleaned of particles that have built up over the ship's hull. However, Picard accidentally stumbles over a terrorist group who plan on destroying the ship. He only has a short time to stop their attempts before the ship is swept by a beam of radiation to remove the particles that is lethal to all forms of life.

Episode 19: Lessons

Stardate: 46693.1. Picard must choose between love and command when he must make a decision that could place the woman he loves in a potentially deadly and high-risk mission.

Episode 20: The Chase

Stardate: 46731.5. Picard's old archaeology professor is found murdered, the crew try to complete his research. Soon, the crew must compete with Romulans and Klingons and Cardassians to uncover the truth behind his discoveries.

Episode 21: Frame of Mind

Stardate: 46778.1. Riker questions his sanity when his reality seems to shift between an alien psychiatric hospital and a play he is performing with other members of the crew.

Episode 22: Suspicions

Stardate: 46830.1. Dr. Crusher puts her career on the line when she tries to clear the name of a murdered scientist whose invention could allow starships to pass through a sun's corona.

Episode 23: Rightful Heir

Stardate: 46852.2. While on a quest to summon a vision of Kahless, Worf questions his faith when the real Kahless rises from the dead to lead the Empire.

Episode 24: Second Chances

Stardate: 46915.2. Riker discovers that eight years ago, an exact clone of him was created when he beamed through a planet's surface while returning to his starship. This clone, named Thomas Riker, has secretly remained on the planet for the past eight years, and still has romantic feelings for Troi.

Episode 25: Timescape

Stardate: 46944.2. Picard, Geordi, Troi and Data return from a Federation conference to find the Enterprise frozen in time and under attack from a frozen Romulan Warbird.

Episode 26: Descent (1)

Stardate: 46982.1. The Borg return to threaten the Federation under the new leadership of Lore. Data experiences a disturbing facet of human emotions - he feels pleasure after killing a Borg drone.

Season 7: Season 7

Season 7 poster

In the seventh and final season, Riker goes undercover and rediscovers Picard posing as a mercenary on an alien ship. Together they initiate a plan to find a lethal artifact. The crew struggles to deal with Data's new found human elements which cause several traumatic episodes for the crew. As Picard is imprisoned by an alien race, he comes to terms with past emotions. Riker is once again conflicted between his loyalty to Picard and his obligation to Starfleet and the Federation. As the lives of the crew members are endangered, Picard is taken on a journey to the past, present, and future to see the results of his actions.

There are 25 episodes in this season.

Episode 1: Descent (2)

Stardate: 47025.4. Data abducts Picard, Troi and Geordi and holds them prisoners of the Borg, while he derives pleasure from being evil. Dr. Crusher is left in command of the Enterprise as it comes under attack from a Borg vessel.

Episode 2: Liaisons

Stardate: Unknown. During an exchange program, Picard's shuttle crashes on an unknown planet where he is rescued by the sole survivor of another crash.

Episode 3: Interface

Stardate: 47215.5. Geordi defies direct orders from Captain Picard in an attempt to rescue his mother who had recently been reported as missing.

Episode 4: Gambit (1)

Stardate: 47135.2. An away team investigates the apparent death of Jean-Luc Picard who was supposedly killed in a bar fight. When Riker is abducted by a band of criminals who loot archaeological digs, he is shocked to find Picard alive and well, and undercover as a renegade archaeologist.

Episode 5: Gambit (2)

Stardate: 47160.1. Picard and Riker covertly work together in an attempt to find out why the criminals are looting archaeological digs.

Episode 6: Phantasms

Stardate: 47225.7. Data's new dream subroutine causes him to experience nightmares which provide a unique insight into strange events that are occurring on board the Enterprise.

Episode 7: Dark Page

Stardate: 47254.1. Lwaxana Troi collapses with a repressed memory related illness. Her only chance for survival is if Deanna can probe her subconscious and find out what is killing her. However, the secret Lwaxana holds is deeper than Deanna imagined.

Episode 8: Attached

Stardate: 47304.2. While on a a diplomatic mission, Dr. Crusher and Picard are captured and imprisoned. As a result, they are linked together via a telepathic device.

Episode 9: Force of Nature

Stardate: 47310.2. The Enterprise is drawn to a region of space where many starships have been mysteriously disabled. They soon learn that a brother and sister team has been working together to bring attention to the fact that frequent high-warp travel is damaging the very fabric of space/time.

Episode 10: Inheritance

Stardate: 47410.2. Data is disturbed by the claims of a woman who says she is Noonien Soong's ex-wife.

Episode 11: Parallels

Stardate: 47391.2. Worf returns from a Klingon competition to find that he is shifting through different realities.

Episode 12: The Pegasus

Stardate: 47457.1. Riker is placed on a covert mission to find the missing starship he was once a member aboard, but the mission holds a secret that could destroy the peace treaty between the Federation and the Romulans.

Episode 13: Homeward

Stardate: 47423.9. Worf's adoptive brother violates the Prime Directive to save an alien society whose planet is dying.

Episode 14: Sub Rosa

Stardate: Unknown. Dr. Crusher attends her grandmother's funeral, to find that she had been in romantic encounters with a mysterious man who had been haunting the Howard family women for generations.

Episode 15: Lower Decks

Stardate: 47566.7. Four young ensigns compete for a promotion that only one of them will receive. However, they are soon placed on a top secret mission that places some of their lives in danger.

Episode 16: Thine Own Self

Stardate: 47611.2. Data find himself mysteriously stranded on a planet with no recollection of who he is or how he arrived there. Soon he is accused of spreading a plague among the inhabitants. Troi takes the bridge officer's test in an attempt to gain the rank of Commander.

Episode 17: Masks

Stardate: 47615.2. The Enterprise is slowly transformed into an ancient alien temple when Data discovers an alien archive full of information about an ancient culture. Shortly after opening the archive, Data becomes possessed with several different personalities.

Episode 18: Eye of the Beholder

Stardate: 47622.1. While investigating the mysterious suicide of a crew member, Troi and Worf begin to show romantic feeling towards one another.

Episode 19: Genesis

Stardate: 47653.2. Upon returning from an away mission, Picard and Data find the ship drifting in space, and the crew de-evolving into their animal ancestors.

Episode 20: Journey's End

Stardate: 47751.2. Under the terms of the new Federation/Cardassian alliance, Picard is ordered to evacuate a colony of native Americans, but protests from Wesley hamper the process. Wesley's destiny is finally revealed to him when the Traveler returns.

Episode 21: Firstborn

Stardate: 47779.4. A disinterested Alexander must face his first Right of Ascension passage, but a mysterious warrior by the name of K'Mtar brings with him a disturbing request.

Episode 22: Bloodlines

Stardate: 47829.1. Picard tries to save his newly-discovered son from the retaliation of a vengeful Ferengi whose only son was killed by Picard buring the Battle of Maxia many years before.

Episode 23: Emergence

Stardate: 47869.2. The Enterprise's computer systems starts having repeated malfunctions, leading the crew to believe that it may be evolving into a new life form.

Episode 24: Preemptive Strike

Stardate: 47941.7. Fresh from Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training course, Ro Laren is assigned to infiltrate the Maquis. However, over time she begins to sympathize with them, which forces her to choose between her loyalty to the Federation, and her new friends in the Maquis.

Episode 25: All Good Things...

Stardate: 47988.0. Shortly after Picard is diagnosed with a long-term, potentially debilitating brain disorder, he starts experiencing bizarre shifts into three main time periods: 25 years into the future, a few days before the Enterprise-D is sent on its mission to Farpoint station, and the present. Picard realizes that Q is behind these shifts through time. Stardate: 47988.1. After his encounter with Q, Picard assembles the senior staff, and wonders if Q is actually giving him a chance to save humanity by showing him that the spatial anomaly also exists in the past. As they talk, the ship reaches the Neutral Zone, then Picard returns to the future, where Beverly's ship is also on the edge of the Neutral Zone. He convinces a reluctant Worf to accompany the group into Klingon territory, and then travels to the past, where he orders the crew into the Devron system.